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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
Good Day
It was turning point to a better & healthy lifestyle..
Somewhere like 3 weeks ago, I posted an N3 about my come back.. 
About my intention to keep my blog run again.. 
My intention to write every days.. 

Unfortunately, something happened to me exactly on the next day.. 
Turned out to be a turning point, where, things have to change..
20 September 2012, 
I was found fainted @ home by my kids. I was not sure how it happened actually.. 
All I remembered, I have just finished up watching Mara Clara, that was @ 4pm.. 
And then, I walked out for toilet.. 
Before I knew it, I started to stumble and then finally toppled over on to the floor. 
There was never a point where I felt like completely blacked out.. there was no sign of anything.. no odd feeling... nor I felt spinning.
 Somehow, around 4.45pm, I realized that I was on the floor.. My head felt better and I felt like normal but, my heart was beating very hard.. I felt very tired.. & not energetic at all..

 I was rushed to the nearest clinic and later referred to Hospital as my BP was quite high.. It was 156/100.. 
I was rushed to the Emergency @ Sunway Medical Centre.. Treated as No. 1 priority case..
They did ECG..
They did MRI.. 
They did Blood Test & etc..
ECG showed NOTHING unusual on my heart..
MRI showed NO blood clots in brain..
NO mild strokes..
My blood test result DISAPPOINTED me.. 
At that particular time, my Glucose Index was 20 mmol/L.. 

I was so terrified. All the things that can happen to diabetics kept running through my head. Unfortunately, it is a hereditary..  my father is a diabetic too..
Would I have to go on dialysis? Would I go blind? What was going to happen to me?
I really had no idea..

Finally, I realized that time for prevention was past. What mattered now is how I am going to deal with my current condition.

I was referred to a Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist. Endocrinologist is a medical professional who specialises in the treatment of hormone related disorders.
According to the specialist, I fainted due to OVER FATIGUE or KEPENATAN MELAMPAU..
My body was so exhausted..
I was said to have been doing too much.. 
Ripping and running all day with 6 schooling kids, house chores.. & not to forget my  bakings passion..
Not taking any breaks or even stopping to breathe much.. 
Too wound up to sleep or too busy to sleep...
OMG.. Poor ogyep...
Hence, I courting fatigue..

As such, my Endocrinologist recommended me to :
1. Exercise minimum of 30 minutes / day or 150 minutes / week and to keep my blood GI low. 
2. I am supposed to determine to lose weight. 
Honestly, my dear,  I was 95kg..
 It was so overwhelming and sound impossible..
3. I am supposed to closely monitoring my intake of carbohydrates, fat & fiber. They are all interact and influence blood glucose levels..
I m strictly adhere to the Doctor recommendations :
1. I go to gym 1 hour in the morning & another 1 hour in the evening.
So energetic of me.. I m so determine... hahahaha
2. Surprisingly, I m 84kg now... Nothing is impossible actually.
3. I m more concern on what I eat.. I read the label of everything I eat.
I take more vegetables & fruits.
 I monitored my blood GI at least twice a day and kept a journal of these readings.

Because of the incident, I should expect that I m healthier than I have been in a very long time. 
I have days when I don't eat perfectly - IT IS MY REWARDS DAY. 
Like everyone else, I crave french fries from time to time. 
And, I indulge that craving on rare occasions. I make sure I count it in my eating plan.  Overall, I want to be healthy, probably healthier than most other people.

Most importantly, it was not a small things that end up changing my life.. It was a very big thing.. 
Most people believe that they have to make huge changes and take massive action, but it often necessary.
 Life goes on by itself without you having to force anything. 
Changes happen, good things happen and bad things happen too.
Life is a strange thing. Sometimes it scares the hell out of you, and sometimes it surprises you with bursts of exquisite ecstasy.
The incident shocked every single person in my family. 
Apparently, my hubby insisted to cut out my so called HECTIC ROUTINE.
I m no longer a super mother who drives kids to/from school.
I m temporarily keep my oven closed for any order.

I just pray that it will be for a temporary period ONLY as I miss my oven very much now.


  1. No wonder, your blog is so quiet... Take good care dear..

  2. Ogyep, please take good care of yourself. You must rest and have good nutrition. This might be interesting for you :
    Come back when you get well :)

  3. Oh, just realized now, do take care ya..I think you should stop baking now, anyway you do enjoyed baking last time, you can anytiime find good baking momery in your blog.


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