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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Al-Fatihah & Farewell, Dirang dearie..

It is a sad day for Malaysian. How could we failed another child. Nurul Nadirah Abdullah or Dirang who went missing after she left her Seri Delima Flats in Seri Alam (Johor) is being confirmed dead.

from theStar online.

JOHOR BARU: “Why did you let my child die?” screamed Nurul Nadirah's mother, Roselyn Alan, upon receiving news that the burnt body discovered by the police at an oil palm estate several days ago was that of her daughter fondly known as Dirang.
Clad in a purple T-shirt and jeans, Roselyn was seen squatting on the bedroom floor, sobbing uncontrollably.
Roselyn could not stop crying and fainted for a few minutes while family members tried to calm her down.

Dirang's stepfather Lima Medeng, 25, was crying alone in another room and refused to be interviewed.
Too much to bear: Roselyn fainted after learning that Nurul (below) had been confirmed dead. — Bernama

The mood in the flat was sombre as neighbours visited the house yesterday to offer the family their condolences.
Dirang's grandmother Milnah Jul, 56, said she was returning from Pasir Gudang after searching for her granddaughter when she received news from the police at around 6.40pm.

“We had received a call from somebody saying they saw Dirang in Pasir Gudang, so a few neighbours and I rushed there.
“I can't believe we have lost her,” she said sobbing.

One of their neighbours Noridah Juliri, 44, could not hold back her tears as she said Dirang was like a daughter to her.

“She was a lively little girl and loved to talk.

“The last time I saw her was before she went downstairs to buy noodles. She told me that she wanted to eat noodles before going to religious school. I can only imagine what Dirang's mother is feeling,” she said.

Earlier in the evening, Roselyn said she had received an anonymous phone call from a woman several days ago asking for RM10,000 and threatened to “harm Nurul Nadirah” if the family did not pay up.
“She told me to hand them the money in Kota Baru or they will hurt my Dirang.
“When I asked to hear Dirang's voice, she said I have to pay them first before hanging up,” she related, adding that the woman did not call again after that.

Roselyn had said she was upset that people had no qualms about pulling a prank while the family was going through a period of anguish, adding that her hope was for genuine callers to come forward and help locate her daughter.
“We are not financially stable as my husband has not found a job yet and I am just a housewife with two other children to take care of,” she said.

The mother-of-three said calls from caring Malaysians from states like Sabah and Perak, had been pouring in daily since her daughter went missing on March 1 after going to a sundry shop near her flat in Seri Alam alone to buy food.
Meanwhile, Dirang's death was widely circulated on Twitter with many posting their condolence messages.

It is sad.. We had enough of this tragedy..
Please put a stop to this kind of tragedy..  I m calling all parents out there.. PLEASE.. 
No more ignorant.. No more reckless..
YES, things happens.. 
but... at least, 
Prior remorse is useful, regret thereafter is pointless..

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