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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Are you feeling at lost today over what to cook for your family? 
Or may be, for those who are alone or abroad.... no idea how to whip up a simple Malay dish??
I believe this is a norm dilemma to every single individual.

Today, I m not surprised, as I used to hear same dialog from my mother at those time. And now the whole cycle repeats itself when I keep asking d same set of questions, almost every day... 

"what to cook.. what to eat.. arrgghhhh"

My hubby doesn't mind having a simple dish daily.. perhaps, I may not face such problem. 
BUT, when you have six kids with six different taste-buds and dislikes for certain dishes, more often than not, I m cracking my head over what to cook.. 
GOD knows.. if only I could please everyone at home.

So.. today, fret not.. this recipe you try should... (speak like MASTER YODA)


What is Gulai Kawah Daging ?

Gulai Kawah Daging  is an appetizing meat stew cooked in huge cast 'kawah' or giant wok.
 It is a taste of nostalgic Malay village dish. 
Very synonymous with our Malay community, once upon  a time...

gambar ehsan.. for d purpose of illustration only..

This is a another nostalgic that should be preserved for d sake of cultural and culinary heritage. Something that should be passed on with passion from generation to generation. The old-school generation may be familiar with this 'kawah'... what about the new-school generations??

I do not own a 'kawah'.. What I have is only a stove size wok... Hahahaha..  

Resepi Gulai Kawah
Bahan :
½ kg daging batang pinang
250g daging tetel

Bahan  A :
10 ulas bawang merah
4 ulas bawang putih
 2cm lengkuas
2cm halia
10 tangkai cilikering
2 sb  ketumbar – disangai, dan ditumbuk halus
2 sb jintan kasar – disangai dan ditumbuk halus
1 sk jintan halus – disangai dan ditumbuk halus

Bahan B :
½ kg santan
Garam & gula secukup rasa
Air asam jawa
2 sb kerisik
1 sb gula merah – untuk bagi colour gelap sikit

Garnishing :

4 biji kentang - belah 4
6 biji cili hijau – belah 2, jangan putus
2 biji tomato – belah 4

1.       Basuh dan toskan daging.
2.       Kisar bahan A. Tumis dalam kawah (kalau ada)… Hehehe. . I x de.. I guna my big wok aje..
3.       Kemudian, masukkan daging-daging yang dah dibasuh tadi. Gaul sebati daging dan rempah. Tumis sehingga air daging sedikit kering dan naik minyak.
4.       Masukkan ½ daripada santan yang ada. Masak sehingga daging empuk.
5.       Masukkan air asam jawa.
6.       Apabila daging sudah empuk, masukkan ubi kentang, kerisik, garam dan gula, baki santan.
7.       Masak sehingga menggelegak.
8.       Akhir sekali, masukkan cili hijau dan tomato.

Tradisinya, apabila gulai kawah di masak dalam kawah, selalunya di dalam kuantiti yang banyak. Secara ANTIKnya, kawah hitam akan ditenggekkan atas kaki tungku, dan masak dengan menggunakan kayu api.. Memasak di dalam kawah  dan menggunakan kayu api akan memberikan satu aroma gulai kawah yang sebenar.. Ada bau dan rasa seakan-akan hangit.. Itu yang membezakan gulai yang dimasak di dalam kawah dan gulai yang dimasak dalam kuali kecil atas stove.

So, dek kerana nak mendapatkan bau dan rasa hangit itu.. apabila memasak gulai kawah ni, I akan purposely tidak mengacau selalu daging yang ditumis.. biar dia berkerak sedikit.. tapi jangan sampai hangus pulak.. nanti pahit, ke tong sampah pulak jawabnya..

Forget you not to try this recipe out.. (MASTER YODA lagi)

Bon Appetite


  1. I dot own a kawah also.. but, my mother has. Nowadays, there are quite numbers of restaurants sell this gulai kawah.. but, no more in d traditional way I guess.. No more kayu api.. They use big gas stove for modern kawah.

  2. This looks delicious, if only I understood the recipe and knew where in France to find the ingredients!! Keep well Diane

    1. Diane, surely sorry on d difficulties.. I will look into this.. My hubby said he can even help me to translate the recipe in French also.. TQ for your kind visit.


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