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Monday, 19 March 2012


The evergreen Kuih Koci, is a steamed glutinous rice flour filled with brown sugar grated coconut or sweet peanut paste and wrapped in banana leaf. It is another favourite delicacy for breakfast or tea.

Kuih koci memang menjadi kegemaran kami sekeluarga. ogyep belajar membuat Kuih Koci ini dari   teman GBS, Puan Safiah. Terima kasih ya kak.. kerana tidak lokek mengajar dengan terperinci cara-cara membuat Kuih Koci ini.

It is one of the well-loved Asian desserts. Very popular among the Malay and Chinese community. Original Chinese Nyonya Kuih Koci dough is either white or green in colour. Meanwhile, Malays like to have it either in white or brown black in colour.
before going into d steamer

 Preparing Kuih Koci requires much patience as it requires different steps before you could have a very chewy-goewy Kuih Koci.

Kata orang, kalau nenek-nenek yang giginya dah tak kuat, tak kose nak makan Kuih Koci ni.. Do no worry, Polident kan ada... Rugi betul kalau tak makan kuih ni.

after being steamed

Up-close and personal

How to prepare d filling :
Ingredients :
300g grated coconut
50g palm sugar
50g brown sugar
2 cups water
1 tbs wheat flour
1 knotted pandanus leave
Salt & white sugar to taste

Method :
1. Bring to boil palm sugar + brown sugar + water.
2. Transfer & sift the boil liquid onto a wok / pan.
3. Add in grated coconut + pandanus leave + salt + white sugar.
4. Mix well. 
5. Stir well until almost dry and + in  wheat flour.
6. Stir well again until completely dry.
7. Set aside to cool.

How to make dough (brown black) :
500g white glutinous rice flour
2 tbs brown/black glutinous rice flour
1/4 tsp salt + 1 cup water

Method :
1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Pour water bit by bit.
3. Knead until it becomes a dough.
4. Divide and ball out the dough into small ball equally.

How to make d kuih :
1. Put 1 piece of dough on your palm. Flatten it.

2. Add 1 tbs of filling in the centre of the dough. Gather up the edges to seal d filling inside. Repeat d process until you finish up the dough

Prior to d steaming process you got to boil d filled dough first.
You got to pre-prepared these item :
A. Bring to boil 5 cups of water in a pot - to boil your filled dough.
B. 100ml thick coconut milk
- Heat the coconut milk, do not boil.
- Set aside.
C. Banana leaves for wrapping 
- Cut the banana leaves into 10cm diameter round (make 40 pieces).
- Blanch in hot water, wipe dry and grease with oil

Boiling & wrapping your Kuih
1.Put in your kuih into the boiling water. Do not put so many at a time. May be 8-10 pcs, depends on your pot size.
2. D kuih is cooked when it floats on d surface.
3. Take out d floated kuihs from d pot using small sift. Put into the thick coconut milk. 
(if you have someone else's to help you, you can one get one person to boil & another person to wrap.. if not, you got to stop boiling and finish up wrapping first. Then only you continue boiling... wrapping... process repeat until you finish up your dough)
4. Let the coconut milk coated the kuih.
5. Spooned the kuih onto the banana leave. Do not spooned out too much coconut milk at a time. Wrap the kuih. (At this step, you got to be very fast, do not let the kuih to stick each other in the coconut milk.)
6. Process repeat until you finish up your filled kuih.
7. You can opt to directly steam your kuih. Steam for 20 minutes. OR you can keep the ready wrapped kuih in fridge, and only steam them when you want to eat the kuih. The kuih is best served warm.

Wahh... susahnya nak buat kan... tapi InshaAllah hasilnya, tidak akan mengecewakan
Sebenarnya, ada banyak version nak buat Kuih Koci ni.. tapi cuma yang satu ini yang berkenan di hati.

ogyep's yummy Kuih Koci


  1. That looks delicious. This is something that I know I would enjoy eating. Thanks for sharing.


    1. TQ very much for your kind visit. Really recommend you to try the recipe out. Do visit again..


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